Shark Bait Ruther Butler


Published: August 14th 2011

Kindle Edition

146 pages


Shark Bait  by  Ruther Butler

Shark Bait by Ruther Butler
August 14th 2011 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 146 pages | ISBN: | 7.36 Mb

Like other countless numbers of people who enjoyed a week every summer along the Texas coast, Bubba Wesley, his wife, and his mother took turns watching after their five-year-old daughter. Other members of the family searched the Matagorda Peninsula from the Colorado River to Eight Mile Windmill. They stopped searching where the shell banks drew fish that fed on the abundant sea life dwelling in the numerous shells.

This group of sober faced people did not search for sea shells like most people who walked aimlessly. Other vacationers enjoyed carefree days. All that worried them was they might get too much sun and burn their winter whitened skins. Beth, the five-year-old daughter of Elizabeth and Bubba, was only two the first summer they spent a week after a big storm looking for her Uncle Jim. All the petite girl could remember about her uncle was he used her for a shield. It was a horrible July night when searchlights wracked the Texas coast by One Mile Windmill.

That was more than she wanted to remember.

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