Bloomsbury or Bust Kath Miller


Published: December 11th 2013

Kindle Edition

260 pages


Bloomsbury or Bust  by  Kath Miller

Bloomsbury or Bust by Kath Miller
December 11th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 260 pages | ISBN: | 8.62 Mb

There are seven main characters in the story, three young (20s), four older (50-60). The two leading characters, Sue and Gus Harding, get back together in middle age after five + years apart and eventually marry. Gus is over five years younger than Sue. Their big ambition is to eventually live in Bloomsbury.When Sue reaches sixty, the couple move to a sheltered housing association flat in central London – exactly where they want to be. They befriend a diverse group of people: Ayesha and her boyfriend Eric (both in their 20s), Marty (50s) – her lodger Simon (20s) and Sonia (early 60s) – all disillusioned with established religion.

They plan a money-making scam: The Religion of Life (Life)… a whacky new set of beliefs. They are adamant that after seven years they will come clean and reveal the scam.Simon young, enthusiastic, gay and an Oxford graduate, hits on the idea of simple yet impressive miracles – part guess work, large part luck which work out.The scam religion takes off in a big way.

The group hold meetings in disused offices…Simon uses his IT skills to promote Life. Eric, Ayesha’s boyfriend, gives a rallying sermon at Speakers’ Corner Hyde Park. Group events go from a nude run around iconic London sacred and secular buildings to meetings with world business and political leaders.Marty and Eric (who up to then has been faithful to his adored Ayesha), have a short, seamy affair which Eric later bitterly regrets – especially when Ayesha loses the baby she was expecting after an attack at a Life event in Hampstead Heath. When Ayesha finds out about the affair she is quietly angry and relations between the two women become forever dangerously strained.Gus, still in love with his wife, is fascinated by Ayesha and she by him.

Whether or not they take things further is left in the air.The group relish the trappings of wealth Life brings. But Eric and Ayesha don’t want the religion to end, as agreed, after seven years and a serious rift develops between the seven ‘scammers.’ Because of this, and steps Simon has taken to end the religion, Gus, Sue and Sonia are forced to flee their prestigious homes in London.The three are forced by circumstance and persuaded by Eric and Ayesha (who remain headquartered in London) in to virtual imprisonment in Yosemite, California where they remain for some years.

There they learn of Simon’s ‘accidental’ death and Marty’s ‘suicide’ in a Swiss clinic- both events in reality, murder.Gus’s relationship with Ayesha serves him, his wife and Sonia well. He is called back to London and some time later Sue and Sonia are ordered to leave California.On the plane to England, Sue and Sonia suffer mental and sexual humiliation by their guards. They fear that they, like Simon and Marty, will be murdered. They aren’t. They end up living in tiny flats in Bloomsbury…Sue and Gus’s ‘spiritual’ home where they, with Sonia, follow the Scam’s development with resigned detachment.

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